By Thomas Scott and Himsam Park

Dedicated to Helen And Henry Park



“Well,” I thought. “We’re doomed.” We are on a roof of a drug store and Helen looked like a psycho.

“Come on! Don’t be afraid!” said Helen in a soothing voice.

I was almost tempted until Joe said, “We should call 911.”

“Yeah, we should. Why haven’t we thought of that?” said Himsam.

“I have the phone!” Said a random kid.”

“Stupid, all the grownups are gone,” I said.

“Helen,my dear,” said Helen Park. “They’ve seen me they are not going to follow you.”

Helen replied, “Hey, I just saved your life, Mrs. Twentieth century.”

“Have you forgotten you’re a ghost, and you’re from like two centuries ago,” said Helen Park.

“Sure, but let’s get real I’ve been living amongst these kids forever. I’m all caught up,” responded Helen.

“Aren’t you guys supposed to be on the same team,” I asked.

“Oh yeah,” Helen responded as she snapped her fingers and made a pond appear out of thin air. Then, she drowned someone in it. They attacked, but Joe was ready, he used a spell to put ice under their feet which in return made them fall down.

“Get to the chopper!” Himsam yelled. When we got to the chopper though no one knew where to go. I told them to go to the golf course. When we were on our way everyone kept asking why. I wouldn’t tell though, because when we got there everyone knew why. The spaceship from the future was there. Luckily by now all of the flames were gone and there might be a lot of of tech we can use there.

“We might be the only kids left in the world,” said Joe. “That means we’re going to be with each other for a while, but with this base. Maybe we won’t be with the Helens for a while.”

“Rock on,” I whispered to myself.



“Why are we here,” said Helen.

“The kids don’t know where I live,” Helen Park replied. “Plus Henry Park is here.”

“Who is Henry?” Asked Helen.

“Old enough to fight,” Helen Park responded as she showed her Henry.

“He’s just a baby,” Helen said in a irritated way.

“Parks are born knowing how to walk, fight, and drown kids,” responded Helen Park.

“Oh, then more the merrier y’all,” said Helen.

Then Henry got up and repeated in a creepy voice, “Where da kids, me wanna drown dem.”

“We’ll get them soon, Henry, very soon.”

“We must attack now,” said Helen.

“No!” Helen Park said strictly. “Let them come.”




We have started taking apart the spaceship and turning it into a base. Our smartest members are trying to replicate the tech from the future. “Himsam,” I said, “we found a sniper rifle from the future and we are trying to put jolly ranchers in it for you.

“Thanks bro, but I never thought this is how “Call of Duty” would be in real life,” replied Himsam.

“Knowing you, I bet you did,” I said back. We both cracked-up. Joe came over and reminded me of something I completely forgot.

He said, “We’re running low on food, If we don’t get some soon we will starve.” I just stood there completely shocked. I couldn’t believe that I didn’t consider the food problem. Now that I’m thinking about it too, I realize that we have to get more jolly ranchers. We were doomed. I failed.

“You know,” said Himsam, “we could just hit up C.V.S. and Food Town for supplies and jolly ranchers.”

“Wow, thats a relief,” I thought to myself. Then I told everyone that Himsam, Joe, and I will go get more supplies from C.V.S. and Food Town.

“Search dogs!” screamed a new recruit, Tyler.

“They’ve sent them to kill us,” said Joe.

“No,” I said. “Helen Park is more evil than that. She just wants us to think she’s going to come for us. She actually has a super elaborate plan to drown us.”

“Who cares, we still have to kill these dogs,” said Himsam. Joe had it handled though he already tamed the dogs with a spell. Except one. It got away with one of our new recruits, Andrew…….


“Dang it! I’m a failure to the world!” I yelled.

“Or are you?”

A ghastly old man figure appeared in front of us.

“No, it can’t be.” Himsam awed.

“Yo old man! I’m so glad to see you!” Joe said in a optimistic voice.

“As I said, I’LL RIP OUT YOUR TONGUE IF YOU DON’T START GETTING MANNERS!!!” yelled Thomas the Wise’s ghost. As he calmed down, he said, “First, we can get Andrew at Mrs. Park’s home.”

“How?” I said.

“Google! DUH.” Himsam replied.

“Hey Mr. genius, WE NO HAS CPU!!!” Joe said back.

“I do!” yelled a kid.

“Well hand it over!” yelled Himsam.He gave us the computer and we typed in Mrs. Park email address and found her house. It looked like one of those lv 9000 maximum security Prisons, but wait! Maybe it IS. Maybe they use it as a drowning kid system! I shook my head and pushed those thoughts away for a second. I decided to be calm and talk to the kid who gave us the computer.

“Thanks, um, what’s your name?”

“Caleb Park! Plus, I can help you with the complicated stuff.” He said in excitement.

“Yessssss! We have a tech wizard!” Himsam said.

“That’s technically NOT a real wiz-” Joe was about to say.

“Not what I meant. He is smart! The kid Albert E. ! He can probably make a ballistic missile or a laser gun.”

“A laser bazooka? I made one in kindergarten. Piece of cake!” Caleb said back.I was stunned when he actually pulled out a laser bazooka and shot it.

“I only wanted a laser gun but can you make a laser sniper rifle for me?!?!” Himsam said with excitement.

“Sure! It’d be done in 2 minutes!” Caleb said back.

“WHAT?!?!” Yelled Joe.

“Can you make a whole stash?” I yelled with excitement.

“Pshh! I can make 100 laser guns in 5 hours! Just one problem. I only have enough to make two laser objects.” Caleb replied. I muttered a curse under my breath.

Thomas the wise thought and said, “Make two placeable machine gun so we can defend our base.”

“Ok!” Caleb said back.

Caleb started making them where Thomas the Wise told him to and within 5 minutes and a cloud of dust, vuala! Two placeable machine guns on the go.


“Oh yeah! Here’s your sniper rifle.” Caleb said as he struggled to toss it to Himsam.

“You lift a bazooka with ease and struggle with a sniper rifle.” Himsam said with disappointment.

“I put lightweight tech on that bazooka. Couldn’t do that with yours because lack of supplies,” Caleb replied.

“Wait a second, these will hurt Helen and stuff, but what serious damage is it going to do to Helen Park,” I said. They all looked at me like I was a loon. “Since her only weakness is jolly ranchers.” I continued.

“Who cares,” said Joe. “Lets just go rescue Andrew.”




“Ok guys,” I said to everyone, “Himsam hit up Food Town and C.V.S. for food and supplies and jolly ranchers. So we’re good to go on that. Also Joe, a new recruit Ty, a new recruit Drew, and I will be going in Helen Parks house. Himsam, a new recruit Noah, and a new recruit Ryan will be covering us and the rest of you guys will at the end of the street covering the cars, and yes we have cars we got some high schoolers helping us that can drive.

“Why do you get to decide this, kid,” said a high schooler.

“Because I freed you, and I can do this,” I said as I grabbed a jolly rancher sling shot and signaled him to come at me. When he was coming at me I realized that he is a high schooler, but there was no turning back now. He threw a punch but I dodged it which sent him flying into a car than I shot a jolly rancher into his mouth and he began to choke but I punched him in the gut and saved him. Then, I knocked him out. “Any more questions?” I asked. No one responded. “Good, move out!” I yelled.

“Yo, Bobby,” Ty said.

“What,” I replied.

“What are we doing once we get in,” Ty said back. I had know answer.

“I will put a camouflage spell on us,” Joe said joining the conversation as we walked in. Then we saw Andrew.

“Your friends are taking to long, I guess I’ll have to capture Himsam again next time he’s one of your leaders, anyway it’s drowning time,” said Helen Park.

“Can I do it I haven’t drowned a kid in forever,” Helen whined.

“Fine but you have to do it in the toilet,” Helen park replied as she handed over Andrew. But as he was about to be drowned Drew blew our cover and shot a lizard at Helen.

“Ahhhhhhhh!” Helen screamed.

“Get Andrew!” I yelled to Ty. He nodded in response. Henry came up and bit Joe’s arm clean off secretly placing a tracker inside of him.

“Ahhhh!” screamed Joe, but then, Thomas the Wise’s ghost showed up and told Himsam sleep, which knocked him out some how, which strangely stunned the tracker until he wakes up. Then Helen saw him.

“An amatur ghost, I’ve been one for to years,” said Helen as she took a sack out of her pocket which then sucked ghost Thomas into it and this time he was gone for good.

“Run!” I yelled. We all ran to the cars as Himsam, Noah, and Ryan covered us on the back of a pick-up truck until we lost them.




Noah slapped Himsam in the face and he woke up with a start. “Whoa! Oh, hey. Joe, what the heck happened to … that?”

“Cannibal baby bit it off,” Ryan interrupted.

“There’s a metal object sticking out of your bloody arm. You can get a disease y’know.” Himsam said. Joe pulled the thing out of his arm, and it was a tracker!

“Lol! Cannibalistic baby thought I was dumb! I’m gonna destroy this baby.” Himsam snickered.

Caleb said, “Hey Joe, you need a cybernetic hand?”

“If it works,” he said as he took it and plopped it on. The hand was designed so well it worked like a regular hand. “It also comes with a wand slot!”

“You are a stinking genius!” Himsam said. Then out of nowhere Helen, Henry and Helen Park showed up with their army of dogs.

“How’d they find us?”Caleb asked.

“With Andrew,” I responded. “They must of put a tracker in him.”

“Not quite,” Andrew responded as he morphed into a girl. “I’m Hel- AHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!” she screamed as I beat her to death.

“No more Helens,” I said. “This is between you guys and us. Now where is the real Andrew.”

“He’s right here,” Helen said, “but not for long…”

“Yes he will,” said Ryan and he started slapping Helen Park in the face multiple times. Andrew escaped and we had to pull Ryan away from Helen Park.

“I’m tired of waiting,” Helen said as she snapped her fingers and ten ponds appeared around ten kids and Helen drowned them all.

“As am I,” Henry said as he starting biting kids.

“Attack!” I yelled. We all ran forward with all our strength hoping this will be everything…




Kids and dogs were being slaughtered. Joe, Himsam and I had been fighting side by side the whole time, yet still no one had landing a finger on the Helens and Henry. “Press,” I said to them barely able to see with blood pouring down my face, my eyes were stinging like I could never even imagine, I could barely see.

“Let’s do this,” Himsam said with severe burns on his face when it was touched he bled.

“We do this together,” Joe said barely able to move with out his magic carpet he summoned. “Hop on,” he said, “we’ll get a harder hit on them.” I nodded.

“Andrew, Drew, Noah, Ryan, Ty cover us,” I said.

“You got it,” Andrew said as they all started shooting the dogs down.

“This may be the end,” Joe said.

“Shut up!!!!” Himsam and I said.

“Got it,” Joe said as we raced towards the Helens and Henry.

“BAAAMMMM!!!!” was the only noise we heard as we rammed into them. We hit them pretty bad, but they still got up.

“Retreat!” I yelled. As we were running back to the cars I told everyone to get our supplies and weapons. Kids were all getting drowned. We got to the cars.

“Where to,” the drivers asked

“Food Town,” I replied.

“Ok,” they responded.

“Take whatever clothes you have left to wrap up your wounds,” I said. “We’ll get a bunch of medical stuff at C.V.S. Then, we made it to Food Town……




We were grabbing all the supplies from Food Town and then Ty found something weird that radiated power. “Check this out!”

“What is is?” I replied.

“This bag has three golden jolly ranchers inside!”

Joe said, “ Holy guacamole…”




Himsam came at the front door with a bunch of jolly ranchers and medical supplies and said, “ Hey guys, I brought some jolly ra– what the heck?” he said when he looked at the golden jolly ranchers.

Ryan said in curiosity, “What does it do?”

While Caleb was passing medical supplies, he said, “ Golden jolly ranchers are made of edible gold flakes and jolly ranchers of all flavors . These can blow up a Park in one shot but we can grant supplies if you want to. So do you want supplies or one shot Helen ammo?”

Himsam said, “I’d go for one of them supplies while two left to blow da Parks.”

Joe said, “ I agree because that BABY bit off my arm!!! I mean like, who eats people’s hands clean right off?!?!

“Guys,” I said annoyed. “What about ghost Helen.”

“Well she used that thing to kill ghost Thomas so maybe if we steal it we can do the same to her,” said Ryan.

“We need air support,” said Himsam. “We need to get back the chopper.”

“Ok, here’s the plan,” I said. “Joe can’t come because he broke his leg. So Ty you will be coming with Himsam and I. Cars are too loud we won’t need them. I have a concussion so I can’t fly the chopper and Himsam can’t because he has to cover us with his sniper. So now we will also need Drew to fly it. Ryan, Noah, and Andrew have to make space behind Food Town for us to land. Caleb you come with us in case we need anyone techy. We all clear on the plan.”

“Yeah!” everyone yelled.




“Ok, there are only a few search dogs in there,” I said right outside of the gulf course.

“We should be okay,” replied Himsam in a not so confident voice.

“I’m done waiting to die,” said Ty as he walked in rapidly firing his gun.

“I like this guy,” said Himsam as we all walked in.

“Himsam and the rest of you cover Caleb and I,” I said. Just than a dog came up and bit Caleb’s foot and dragged him away.

“NOOOOOOOO!!!!!!” Drew screamed.

“I’m done,” I said as I charged the dogs. I was breaking their necks one by one. Until, one bit the whole right side of my face and my right eye came out. “AHHHHHH!!!!” I screamed in pain. It was even worse than when I got hurt in the first battle. Then Drew picked up a flamethrower that we left here and made a wall of fire that blocked off the rest of the dogs.

“Steal the chopper,” said Himsam. But, he didn’t need to tell us in five seconds I was in the back unconscious and Drew was flying us back. Drew said, “Hey, I wonder if they are machine guns attached to this helicopter.”

“Caleb would’ve have made one for us,” Joe said with bitterness.

“Let’s stop thinking about pessimistic stuff.” Himsam said. “Let’s go to Norwood to raid stuff.”

“What about the old base?” Noah asked us.

“We’ll go back. They probably thought we retreated from the golf course.” said Himsam. “I know someone who might help us revive the drowned kids…”




I flied to Norwood and landed on the Woori Mart because Shoprite was empty with useless stuff. No jolly ranchers or medical supplies. Woori Mart had only medical supplies which we needed so we went inside. Ty said to me, “You look like Odin.”

“Who the heck is Odin?”

“God of war in norse mythology. Payed his eye to be smart.”

“I wish I was smart as Caleb if my eye got ripped off.”

“Hey, there’s ice cream here.”

“Yum, let’s go.”I ran inside and we found the store abandoned with the lights on but nothing was raided. Himsam beckoned us to come and we were at the medicine aisle.

“Ok we need some supplies that we can use to cover up Bobby’s eye,” Himsam said.

“Where are the monkeys,” I said.

“Take these tranquilizer darts to knock him out, he’s hallucinating,” Himsam said to Ty.

“Got it,” Ty replied as he walked towards me.

“The voices!” I screamed.

“Oh, you won’t have to worry about them for much longer,” Ty said as he jabbed the tranquilizer darts in my arm. From then on I was touch and go. All I remember is going somewhere and having people perform surgery on where my eye used to be. Then I wake, and there is a mirror in of me. Where my eye used to be, was nothing but scars.



Have you ever lightly brushed your tongue with your toothbrush? You know it’s really itchy but even when you scratch it, it won’t go away for like, 4 hours. Now imagine that feeling for as long as you live. That’s how I felt. I used to put my finger between the space to see if the eye is round in pre-K and it was round and smooth. Now it’s just skin. “You okay?” Joe said. “We had to waste all our gas to come here.”

“Meh. Feels weird.”

Ty said, “We’re so far they’re grown-ups here.”

“How did you get in?”

“Said we were climbing trees and then you fell in a weird way where your eye is.”

I didn’t feel like responding because it was a search dog that almost made me blind. Nothing even close to a tree. So I just shrugged and they left me alone. I looked outside the window and there was people all bundled up in cozy sweaters and snow on trees. I asked Ty, “Where are we? Antarctica?”

“No, idiot, you are still hallucinating,” Ty responded.    

“So we in Greenland?” I asked with curiosity.

“Does anyone know about Canada?” Ty said sarcastically.

“Ohhhhhhh! Don’t they sell milk in bags here?”

“You idiot! That’s the first thing you come up with when the Helens are drowning kids in Chicago?!?!”

“What?!? They’re drowning gangsta kids?” I said.

“We have to save them,” Ty said.

“Also, how do you know this?”

“The world had finally caught up. Look” Ty said as he pointed toward the T.V.

“Whatever is left of the world,” I said angrily. “Helen Park wants the only people in the world to be grown up Helens.”

I could hear the T.V saying only 12 more states in U.S.A are left with children. After that, they are probably going to hit Japan. Maybe Canada. “Mexico already lost all of its kids.” said Drew out of nowhere.

“We need to go back to Old Tappan, I’m the boss you listen to me,” I said.

“Dude, O.T is deserted. All our troops are d.e.a.d” Ryan said.

“How’d you get here you weren’t on the mission with us,” I said in confusion.

“Oh, I was camping under the helicopter because they is a hidden camp in there. Has a sleeping bag and everything you need to survive a drown. Oh, here.”

Ryan grabbed a sponge out of his pocket. “It sucks up water really fast. I put it in your hands, Bobby. You get pulverized the most anyway.”

“Gee, thanks.” I said. In my mind, I knew this will be useful but didn’t want to admit the fact. “Wait a second, Joe was back at the new old base,” I said.





“Helen Park is here!” someone screamed.

“What,” Joe said. “I have to stop her.”

“All your friends thought you were going to be safe. Oh well, you have nowhere to run and no backup. You’ll want to live but… EVERY KID MUST. BE. DROWNED!!! “ she said as she was running to Joe. Joe then summoned his magic carpet so he could get away because he still had a broken leg. He was taunting Helen Park and then when he got the high ground he played, I Can Show You The World with his robot arm music player. He decided to use a lava spell beneath his rug. “Toilet Takeover!” Helen Park said.

Then all of a sudden, a giant toilet crashed the whole entrance and yelled, “Down the Hatch!!!!!” Joe was sucked down. His head was being slammed against the pipes. It felt like the a nuclear bomb just exploded on him. Then, barely being able to lift his arm, he casted a spell making the whole toilet exploded and also severely burning himself. Helen Park started laughing and said, “With great power comes sacrifice! You’d never even stand a chance against me! Your arm is broken. Too bad your friend Caleb isn’t here this time.”

“What did you do to Caleb?!?!” Joe screamed with anger.

“Oh, you wanna know? I’m torturing him cause I’m torturing him until he makes us a anti-jolly rancher potion. Soon, I’ll be torturing you after I capture you.”

A chill went down my spine delivering anger and fear at the same time.

“Well, I won’t let that happen to me…”

Helen showed up and said, “Let me have a hit.” Then she blasted him a street over with pond water. Joe couldn’t move. He knew this might be the end. He couldn’t even think.

Then he said, “I have a dream, that there will be no more Helens. So I will accomplish my dream myself… ”


















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