World War Helen

By; Thomas Scott and Himsam Park

Dedicated to Helen Park, our favorite teacher.


“Himsam!” I yelled. “Where are you!” “It’s Bobby!”

“Quiet boy,” snapped Thomas the Wise. “I sense he is Helen Park which means she is not far. “Joe,” Thomas whispered, “you’re a wizard right?”

“Yeah, where are you going with this,” Joe whispered. “I am out of power any-”

“No,” interrupted Thomas, “Only in your mind you are, find Himsam to calm Bobby down.” Out of of nowhere, one of Helen Park’s search dogs bit Thomas the Wise’s hand clean of, but I shot the dog down quickly.

“Don’t thank me right now,” I said. They just stood there unmoving until Joe pointed his finger at…..





The First day of the Fifth Grade, I dreaded it. Not only was the summer ending but I had Mrs. Park as my teacher, the nicest teacher in the whole school who also gives the most work. “Bobby, wait up!” yelled Himsam.

“What’s up Himsam,” I replied.

“Call of Duty,” Himsam said like it was his life’s work. “Man you should’ve seen me playing yesterday, I was all like sniping everyone in the game.

“Even on your own team?” I asked.

“Well duh,” him replied. “I said everyone in the game.” We both cracked up. Then Joe showed up.

“How was wizard school with Harry Potter?” I asked. “Haven’t seen you the whole summer.”

“It was great!” Joe said with excitement as we walked in the school. “I just need to take one class every day for the rest of the year for it and I will become a master.” We saw Mrs. Park, with her hands all wet for some reason as she started to call out attendance.

“Amir Attal,” Mrs. Park said.

“Here,” Amir responded.

“Kirin Botlagudur,” Mrs. Park said.

“Here,” Kirin said.

“Ally Chocolate,” Mrs. Park said. Nobody said anything. “Not here, how unfortunate.”

Mrs. Park kept going on with the attendance until she finished. I found something suspicious about this because Ally Chocolate is usually here, not absent. In fact, I saw her this morning!

“Hey,” I whispered to Joe.

“Yeah what?” Joe replied.

“Did you see Ally this morning?” I said back.

Joe replied, “Yeah. I saw her. I thought that I was just seeing things.”

I said, “Something’s wrong…”




      The next day, Ally still wasn’t here. I told Himsam and Joe to meet up with me by the GIRLS bathroom after school at 7:00. When we met up I told them we were going to have to go to the GIRLS bathroom. “Ewwwwwwww,” Joe said.

“Fine,” Himsam said taking out two BB-Guns from his backpack. Himsam gave one to me and kept one for himself.

“What about me?” Joe asked.

“Your a wizard use your wand,” Himsam said.

“Ok,” Joe replied as we walked into the GIRLS bathroom. As we walked in we took notice of a stall that said, “Out of Order.” Being the rebels we are we walked in. We almost fainted. There was Ally, in the toilet, dead.

“Oh my god,” Himsam said. “Someone take a picture”

“Be quiet,” Joe and I replied.

“But take a picture,” I said. “We need evidence.”

“Who did this?” asked Joe.

“Look at the wall,stupid,” Himsam said. “It says wait till Helen comes.”

“Wait till Helen comes?” I said in confusion.

“Mrs. Park’s first name is Helen,” Himsam said.

“Oh that’s why her hands were wet on the first day of school,” I said.

Then a voice in my head said, “Come to the cave.” Then the lights shut off.

“Who’s in here, it’s Helen,” said Helen Park, Mrs. Park.

“Light her up,” said Himsam as Joe turned our BB-guns into real guns. Himsam only got one shot to her shoulder until Mrs. Park got cover.

“Run,” said Himsam. So that’s what we did until we lost her. Or at least till school.


When I got up in the morning I knew that Mrs. Park, Helen Park, was going to be looking for the people who shot her with guns. I was completely right when we got to school everyone wanted to know who did it. But when Mrs. Park calmed us all down, she said, “Ally won’t be returning to school it seems she is also missing from her parents. But that will not stop us from getting our good education, we must push on. So I want each of you to write a FIVE page essay on what you think happened to Ally. Since you have so much homework, we will play a game today.”

“Yaayyy!” everyone screamed. But in the middle of the game McLovin said that he needed to go to the bathroom and Mrs. Park, Helen Park, said she needed to go talk to Mr. Park.

“Himsam, got your camera,” I asked.

“Yeah,” Himsam said. “ Let’s go Joe.” Then when we got into the boy’s bathroom we saw McLovin, being drowned by Helen Park.

“Take the video, Himsam,” I screamed. Himsam took the video as I tried to save McLovin, but I was to late. McLovin went down the hatch, matey! After that, Mrs. Park spotted us.

“I’ll put a magic cage around her!” yelled Joe.

“Do it,” Himsam and I replied. After Joe did it, Mrs. Park struggled and then disappeared. We were speechless. “Where do we go exactly to tell Mrs. Park is a spectral being without someone saying, ‘You’re crazy’?!?!”

I told them, “The Old Tappan cave.”

“You’re crazy,” Himsam said.

“To bad,” I said as I took the camera. I ran all the way to the cave before they caught up to me.




When we were inside we saw an old man on a chair in the cave.

“Hello,” he said, “I am Thomas the Wise. I sense you’ve come about Helen.”                                                                                                     

“Hey old man,” said Joe. “WE NEED INFO. NOW.”

“Shut up kid!” Screamed Thomas the Wise in a irritated way. “I will rip out your tongue.” Joe shut his mouth immediately. “Helen wants to kill all of you children,” whispered Thomas the Wise.

Himsam was moving around and thinking in his mind, “This man is weird. Plus, how do we know how to trust him?

“I will rip out your tongue to, Himsam.”

“Wait, WHAT. How did you hear that, old man?”

“I’m wise. I’m old. I’m not so blockheaded as you kids!” Then Himsam disappeared…

“What just happened!?!?” I yelled.

“It happens that Helen Park’s toilet drowning senses took Himsam because he shot her.” “Okay, first, how were you stalking us, and second, that magic cage is tiring! Got any snacks?”

“Um, yeah but THAT is not the point!” Said Thomas the Wise. “We have to rescue Himsam and I know stuff, blockhead.”

Joe was stunned that this old man, or Thomas the Wise, knew so much about Helen.

Joe said, “Yo Bob, where’s that sniper rifle I gave you?”

“Himsam had it.”

   As I thought about it, at least Himsam could defend himself. A tiny ray of hope that he’ll find us and come back though. Thomas the wise said, “ 3,2,1, oh no…”

“What is it?” I asked.

“Helen called war right in my mind.”

“Oh, crud.” Joe said. “ Perfect timing there old man.” Then, at that moment I got so mad that I completely forgot my common sense.

I yelled, “Himsam! Where are you!” “It’s Bobby!”

“Quiet boy,” snapped Thomas the Wise. “I sense he is with Helen Park which means she is not far. “Joe,” Thomas whispered, “you’re a wizard right?”

“Yeah, where are you going with this,” Joe whispered. “I am out of power any-”

“No,” interrupted Thomas, “Only in your mind you are, find Himsam to calm Bobby down.” But then out of of nowhere one of Helen Park’s search dogs bit Thomas the Wise’s hand clean of, but I shot the dog down quickly.

“Don’t thank me right now,” I said. But They just stood there unmoving until Joe pointed his finger at…..






     Joe said in a worried voice, “ Um, that isn-” BOOM!!! A massive ship crash landed at the golf course which was right below us. It was big, like the ones in Star Wars, but still 2x smaller. Hostile stuff were coming out of the spaceship.

A little kid crawled out of it and told us, “Helen Park rules the world in the future and I am part of the rebellion, but most importantly Helen gets rid of all the, AHHHHHHHHH!”  Helen’s Guard Dogs jumped him and dragged him away.

“That’s it,” I said angrily. “Were getting Himsam back and taking down Helen Park on the way.

“I sense she is at the school,” Thomas the Wise said.

“We’ll never get there in time,” I whined.

“Yes we will,” said Joe. “I learned a little something called teleportation in wizard school. Harry Potter actually taught me it.”

“Well then do it,” I said.

“Ok,” Joe replied as every single part of my body began to break down. “This might hurt a bit,” said Joe.

“WHAT, well then I don—–” I didn’t have time to finish my sentence, we had already left.


“AHHHHHH!” I screamed. “That was scary.” We had landed in the boys bathroom only to find a bunch kids drowned in toilets. What was even scarier when we walked out we saw Helen tallying off a chart that said, “Grown ups left in my way” But was even more scary was that she just wrote on it, “All grown ups gone”. But then she turned around.

“Why you spying on Helen,” Helen said. “Helen doesn’t like being spied on.”

“Are we talking in third person now, is that what we’re doing,” I said. “Well then Bobby wants Helen to give us back Himsam, ok.”

“Take him, he’s annoying anyway,” replied Helen. “He’s changed up in my room.” When we went into her room we saw almost half the school changed up in there. But then Helen burst in and grabbed us. She told us, “It’s time to die,” as she dragged us to the bathroom. Then Joe did a spell to free him and I, but not Thomas the Wise.

Then as he was being dragged away he threw us a bag of jolly ranchers and said, “Put this in Himsam’s sniper rifle jolly ranchers are her only weakness.” Then there was a moment of silence, until it was interrupted by a scream from the bathroom. After we learned her secret weakness we regained our confidence and freed everyone and ran to C.V.S..




While we were at C.V.S. we devised a plan. We decided that Himsam will be sniping from above, Joe would be on the ground with me fighting her with his wand and my pistol, and the rest of the kids will hold the perimeter with jolly rancher sling shots. While we were getting ready for battle I went over to Himsam because I hadn’t really talked to him since we broke him out, I didn’t know what to say so I said, “Man, what’s up.”

But Himsam replied, “Seriously? We could die here and you said ‘Man, what’s up’ get serious.” So I walked away cause it seemed that he didn’t want to be bothered. Then right when we were about to go out into battle Himsam gave a speech. He said, “I have a dream, a dream that when my little boys and girls grow up,  that it will be a world without Helens. Some of you might think that we have no chance. Well I think, that I don’t want to be drowned in a toilet. I have a dream, that we, WILL, WIN, THIS WAR!!!

“Yeahhhhhh!” Everyone screamed.

“Move out, I yelled. We went to the roof of C.V.S. and started blowing a Air-Horn to get Helens attention. We did she jumped on to the roof and knocked off one of the kids.

“Why are you making this noise,” screeched Helen.

“To do this,” I said as I shot a jolly rancher into her gut. Then everyone started shooting her with jolly ranchers and Joe did spells on her. Though this did still not stop her as she kept knocking kids of the roof. We needed Himsam.

“I can do this, I can do this,” Himsam said to himself. “Why am I talking to myself.” Then he saw Joe put ice under Helen with one of his spells. Then Bobby decked her on to the edge of the roof. Himsam knew this was the perfect time. As Helen started to get up Himsam counted down to himself, “THREE TWO ONE, FIRE.” Himsam shot her right in the head with a jolly rancher. Which unbalanced her and she fell of the roof.

“HIMSAM, HIMSAM, HIMSAM,” everyone chanted. But the we were all silenced by a helicopter landing on the roof. A little pale girl walked out of it probably seven.

“Great job,” she said. “I’m Helen.” We are raised our weapons. “Silly, not all Helens are bad,” she told us. “Why don’t yall come with me.” We all started to walk towards the helicopter. But then I signaled them all to stop cause in the back seat I saw the one and only Mrs. Park, Helen Park, Helen….

TO BE CONTINUED…                 








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